5 Basic Rules of Skiing for Beginners

October 24, 2013 § Leave a comment


Skiing, as a sport, is gaining much prominence with the people of every age group. Whether you are a 15 or 50years old, you just want to go uphill and swing your way back to the ground. But like in any other sport, it is important to know the dos and don’ts of the sport, especially when you are at a beginner’s level.

The ski takes place in high altitudes with the weather ranging from sunny to bitterly cold and the collisions are relatively common. This is why it is for the best to understand the basic etiquette of the sport. Below are mentioned some of the most known and important guidelines for the first timers:

  • Get fit: Understanding that the skier has to climb up high altitude to land on the ground on skis, the whole mechanism requires strong muscles to help maintain your body control on the slopes and make it more fun. For the same, you can get some stronger exercises during the summer or fall so that you are ready to hit the slopes when the skiing season arrives. Also, always remember to stretch to open up your muscles before you start skiing.
    • Get a ski instructor: Every best athlete needs the basic knowledge of the sport and who gives it better than the instructors. Get private lessons from your personal ski instructor or enrol yourself to less expensive ski school lessons before you plan on skiing yourself. This would prepare your mind and body for the sport and make you comfortable with the gear and ski accessories before you take the burden on your own.
    • Ski with a friend: As a first timer, make sure that you hit the slope with a friend. It is possible to have a fall and be unable to continue skiing in the middle of the slope. The friend can help you find ski patrol, if needed, and it will also make you aware of your flaws and body limits. This can also be a good morale booster and a fun learning activity for both the skiers.
    • Follow the rules: Rules are there to keep you safe and protected. Never venture past the ski boundary or into a closed area which are not looked after by the ski patrol. The situation can be dangerous and hazardous Follow the signs that says “slow skiing area” or go another way that says “cliff”.
    • Be generous to fellow skiers: Be safe and keep everyone around safe. Many a times, due to cold weather, the skier might not be able to see you through the snow loaded glasses, in that case, either stop or slow down to keep yourself and the fellow skier safe. Also make sure that no one is coming towards you before you start to ski.

There are many steamboat ski shopsthat are located around the skiing trails to provide you with the best ski gear. While there are risks involved with the sport, it must not keep you away from having fun on the run. So go out an


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